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Welcome to Jaroslav Stun's Chess problems database.

   We hope that you will be able to find here as many chess problems as you like, and that you will enjoy your visit. The content here gets regularly updated, as new original problems of Jaroslav Stun are published in various chess magazines and webzines worldwide, so check back from time to time.

You will be able to find more than 200 original chess problems created by Jaroslav Stun, the chess composer from Snina, on this site, organized into user-friendly database. Primary focus of Jaroslav Stun's compositions lies in Fairy chess problems, but there are also multiple problems from other categories, mostly helpmates and orthodox problems. 

If you like what you have found, you can save your search results as MS Word document, or you can print nice Chess problem sheet immediately. To recieve a direct feed of problems published on this page, please feel free to subscribe to our RSS channel. That way, you won't miss a problem, published here.

Althought we try to make your experience on this site as smooth and straightforward as possible, should you have any notices regarding page's content or should you experience any difficulties, don't hesitate to contact administrator.
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Awarded problems...
Suomen Tehtäväniekkat No.1/2018 , pg. 18
  Helpmates, h#n
Shachmatija Nr.4, 12/2017
  Helpmates, h#n

Featured chess problems (chosen from 508 available)

Category: Fairy
Type: ser-hs#n
Stipulations: ser-hs#19
neutral pawn, L=locust
Magazine: Pat a Mat 100, 6/2017, Pr.638, Dedicated to Matej Tóth
Published in: 2017
Uploaded on: 7/13/2017 10:47:21 PM

Keywords/Tags: Alphabetich Chess, Symmetry Circe, Sentinelles PionNeutre, Special GridChess, locust, neutral pieces, Circuit, Switchback, Anti-Pronkin, symbolic chessproblem
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Category: Fairy
Type: h#3
Magazine: Die Schwalbe, Heft 274, 8/2015 Pr.16415
Published in: 2015
Uploaded on: 9/11/2015 5:12:51 PM

Keywords/Tags: Grasshopper, Vao Pao, HOTF
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Category: Fairy
Type: sh#n
Stipulations: SH#22
b) bQd4-->e7
Magazine: Šachová skladba 113, X/2011, Pr.No. 10929
Published in: 2011
Uploaded on: 11/2/2011 8:45:49 PM

Keywords/Tags: Circuit, Twins
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Category: Helpmates
Type: h#2
Magazine: Mat-Pat 6/1985 Pr. No.150
Published in: 1985
Uploaded on: 9/13/2007 10:06:08 PM

Keywords/Tags: Twins
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