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Category: Fairy
Type: sd=n
Stipulation(s): sd=11
A: diagram
a)Sentinelles PionAdvers
B: Pg5->g3
a)Sentinelles PionAdvers
Magazine: Bulletin No.11, 04/2017, Pr.T323
Year of Publishing: 2017
Sentinelles PionAdvers, PWC
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A: diagram

a) Sentinelles PionAdvers

1.Lc1*e3-f4   2.Lf4*c7-b8[+bPf4]   3.Lb8*f4-g3   4.Lg3*g5-g6[+bPg3]  
5.Lg6*g3-g2[+bPg6]  6.Lg2*g6-g7[+bPg2]   7.Lg7*g2-g1[+bPg7]  
8.Lg1*g7-g8   9.Lg8*f7-e6  10.Le6*d7-c8[+bPe6]  11.Lc8*e6-f5 =

b) PWC 

1.Lc1*e3-f4[+bPc1=L]   2.Lf4*c7-b8[+bPf4]   3.Lb8*f4-g3[+bPb8]  
4.Lg3*g5-g6[+bPg3]   5.Lg6*g3-g2[+bPg6]   6.Lg2*g6-g7[+bPg2]  
7.Lg7*g2-g1[+bPg7]   8.Lg1*g7-g8[+bPg1=L]  
9.Lg8*f7-e6[+bPg8]  10.Le6*d7-c8[+bPe6]  11.Lc8*e6-f5[+bPc8] =

B: bPg5-->g3

a) Sentinelles PionAdvers

1.Lc1*c7-c8   2.Lc8*d7-e6   3.Le6*e3-e2[+bPe6]   4.Le2*e6-e7[+bPe2]  
5.Le7*e2-e1[+bPe7]   6.Le1*e7-e8   7.Le8*f7-g6   8.Lg6*g3-g2[+bPg6]  
9.Lg2*g6-g7[+bPg2]  10.Lg7*g2-g1[+bPg7

There are identical moves in solutions with two different conditions, whereas also stalemates occur on the same square; namely in the A position and the B position. The final patterns of the stalemates are of course different. The solutions with the same moves are more common with lower number of black pawns (using these two conditions). It is more difficult to find such position when five black pawns are used (applying the condition that the white Locust will always stand in the stalemate on the same square in the corresponding pair of solutions).(Author|
Locust Sentinelles PionAdvers PWC



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