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Category: Fairy
Type: hs#n
Stipulation(s): HS#4
wrQ=white royal Queen
Magazine: Tzuica, 15th TZUICA TOURNEY
Year of Publishing: 2017
Award description:
2nd HM, Fairy Section Tzuica 2017
PWC + KoBul Kings Inverse
A: diagram

1.rQxg6[bRc2; wrRg6]   Kd4
2.rRd6   Kxc5[wSd4; brSc5]
3.Sb3+    rSb7+
4.rRd7+   Rc7#

B: bRg6-->f5

1.Se6   Kxe6[wSe5; brSe6]
2.rQxf5[bRc2; wrRf5]   Rc6
3.Sc7+    rSg7+
4.rRg5+   Rg6#

C: bKe5-->c6

1.rQb3   Rd6
2.Se6    Rxd5[wSd6; brSc6]
3.Sd4+  rSa5+
4.rQxd5[bRb3; wrRd5]+   Rb5#

D=C: wrQc2-->f8

1.rQb8   Kxc5[wSc6; brSc5]
2.Se5    Rd6
3.Sd7+  rSa6+
4. rQxd6[bRb8; wrRd6]+  Rb6#

The only problem from the tournament realizing the set theme 4 times and, even more impressive, with only 5 pieces (Tanagra)! The amazing result is a 2x2 chameleon echo mate with only one repeated move, Sc5-e6 in twins B and C. The use of the royal Queen is very inspired and copes particularly well with the condition KoBul Kings Inverse. While you can‟t expect too much strategy with such a few pieces on the board, one can understand why such compositions are rightly called “Tanagras”. The author managed to show PWC effects for each side in each solution. Unfortunately the cross-checks seem to be purely incidental and this sole blemish hinders a higher classification of such an extraordinary problem. Judge:Vlaicu Crişan & Eric Huber August 11th, 2017, Cluj-Napoca & Bucharest
Piece Royal, KoBul King inverse, Chameleon echo



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