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Category: Fairy
Type: hs#n
Stipulation(s): HS#9
b) wKe4-->c4 
c) wKe4-->g3 
d) wcSh6-->b1 
Chameleon pieces d1,e5,h6,b2
Magazine: SUPERPROBLEM.RU, 11.10.2017, Pr. G127
Year of Publishing: 2017
Award description:
1st Commendation "Fairy miniatures" SuperProblem - 2017
Double Maximummer
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a) diagram

1.cSe5-c6=cB Kc1-d2   2.cBc6-a8=cR Kd2-e1   3.cRa8-a1=cQ cPb2*a1=cR  
4.cSd1-f2=cB + Ke1*f2   5.cSh6-g4=cB cRa1-h1=cQ+……

b) wKe4-->c4 

1.cSd1-c3=cB Kc1-b1  2.cBc3-e1=cR + Kb1-a2  3.cRe1-a1=cQ + cPb2*a1=cS 
4.cSe5-f7=cB cSa1-b3=cB +   5.Kc4-d3 cBb3*f7=cR……

c) wKe4-->g3 

1.cSh6-g4=cB Kc1-d2   2.cBg4-c8=cR Kd2-e1   3.cRc8-c1=cQ cPb2*c1=cB  
4.cSd1-e3=cB cBc1*e3=cR +   5.cSe5-f3=cB cRe3-e8=cQ……

d) wcSh6-->b1 

1.cSb1-d2=cB + Kc1*d2   2.cSd1-c3=cB + Kd2*c3   3.cSe5-g4=cB Kc3-b4  
4.cBg4-c8=cR Kb4-a3   5.cRc8-c1=cQ cPb2*c1=cQ……

AUW, model mates

Award 21.2.2018
Double Maximummer with 4 twins with 4 different promotions.
(Judge of the section: Ofer Comay (Israel))  

AUW, Chameleon pieces, model mates



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