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Category: Fairy
Type: hs#n
Stipulation(s): HS#5     2 sol
rBP = royal berolina pawn c2, e3
Magazine: SUPERPROBLEM.RU, 11.10.2017, Pr. G125
Year of Publishing: 2017
Award description:
1st Prize "Fairy miniatures" SuperProblem - 2017
Haaner Chess

1.rBPc2-e4 rBPe3-f2  
2.rBPe4-f5 rBPf2-g1=rR  
3.rBPf5-e6 rRg1-g6 +  
4.rBPe6-d7 rRg6-f6
5.rBPd7-e8=rB rRf6-f8 #

1.rBPc2-a4 rBPe3-f2  
2.rBPa4-b5 rBPf2-e1=rQ  
3.rBPb5-a6 rQe1-b4  
4.rBPa6-b7 rQb4-a5
5.rBPb7-a8=rS rQa5-d8 #

AUW, Ideal mates, Excelsior
Reproduction: Pat a Mat 105,9/2018,Pr.No.1190

Award 21.2.2018
A very entertaining problem for solvers, and surprisingly artistic too.
In both solution black and white apply the same strategy:
the white pawn finds a unique path to the promotion square,
and the black promoted piece moves and completes the net
for the final selfmate situation. (Judge of the section: Ofer Comay (Israel))      

AUW, Ideal mates, Excelsior, Berolina, royal pieces



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