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Category: Fairy
Type: h#n
Stipulation(s): H#9
Magazine: SUPERPROBLEM.RU, 16.05.2018,Pr. G160
Year of Publishing: 2018
Award description:
2nd HM IT SuperProblem - Fairy-Miniatures
Einstein, PWC

1.f3*g2=S[+wPf3] f3-f4  
2.Sg2*f4=B[+wPg2] g2-g3  
3.Kh1-g1 g3*f4=S[+bBg3]  
4.Bg3-f2=S Sf4-g2=P
5.Kg1*g2[+wPg1] g1*f2=S[+bSg1]  
6.Sg1-h3=P Sf2-h1=P +  
7.Kg2*h1[+wPg2] g2*h3=S[+bPg2]  
8.g2-g1 Sh3*g1=B[+bPh3]  
9.h3-h2 Bg1*h2=R[+bPg1] #

Award: 3.1.2019,, It takes until the 7th move before the bP comes after many changes of place and transformations to h3. Only then can the mate final be started with a black blocking pawn on g1. Quite rich for a three-man problem. Judge: Franz Pachl



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