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Category: Fairy
Type: h=3
Stipulation(s): H=3     2 sol
b) nPe3-->e5 
rSQc3,c4=royal Squirrel
neutral Pawns e3,e4
Magazine: Bulletin No14, pg.674
Year of Publishing: 2018
Award description:
2nd Honourable Mention TT6
Circe Parrain+SymmetryAntiCirce

a) diagram

1.rSQc3*e4[brSQe4->d5] rSQc4-e2[+nPg2]  
2.nPg2-g1=nQ nQg1*e3[nQe3->d6] +  
3.rSQd5-d7[+nPe5] nPe5*d6[nPd6->e3] =

1.rSQc3-c5 rSQc4*e3[wrSQe3->d6]  
2.rSQc5-e3[+nPg1=nSQ] nSQg1-f3
3.nSQf3-d5 nPe4*d5[nPd5->e4] =

b) nPe3-->e5 

1.rSQc3*e5[brSQe5->d4] rSQc4-a6[+nPc7]  
2.rSQd4-f4 nPc7-c8=nR  
3.nRc8-c4 rSQa6*c4[wrSQc4->f5] =

1.rSQc3-c1 rSQc4*e5[wrSQe5->d4]  
2.rSQc1-d3[+nPf7] nPf7-f8=nQ  
3.nQf8-d6 + rSQd4*d6[wrSQd6->e3] =    


Award: 31.7.2018,

21st century spin applied to one of the oldest fairy pieces (the earliest known use
of the Squirrel, which has the combined moves of Dabbabah, Alfil, and Knight,
is from 1683, when Francesco Piacenza introduced the piece under the name
Centurion)! Four interesting and laborious solutions, however with slightly imbalanced
play. Judge: Cornel Pacurar (CAN-Toronto)

Circe Parrain, SymmetryAntiCirce, Ceriani-Frolkin, Switchback



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