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Category: Fairy
Type: hs#n
Stipulation(s): HS#3,5
b)wSd3—>e3, c)wSd3—>f4, d)wSd3—>g6, e)wSd3—>h7, f)wSd3—>f1, g)bBe7-->e5
Magazine: SUPERPROBLEM.RU TT 216, 27.12.2018
Year of Publishing: 2018
Award description:
2nd HM TT-216 “The Magic Wonder Masand Chess” C:) hs#2-6(=, ==), Superproblem
Solution: Click here for full details...
a) diagram

1...Qe6-d5[g8=b] +   2.Kf3-f4 Rg8-g5   3.Sd3-b2 Qd5-f7[e7=w] +   4.Be7-f6[g5=w] + Qf7*f6[g5=b] #

b) wSd3-->e3

1...Be7-b4   2.Se3-c2[b4=w] + Kd4-d3   3.Rg8-g4 Qe6-d6   4.Sc2-e1 + Qd6-g3[e1=b][g4=b] #

c) wSd3-->f4 

1...Kd4-e5   2.Sf4-g6[e7=w] + Ke5-f5   3.Sg6-f4 Qe6-e1   4.Rg8-g5 + Qe1-g3[f4=b][g5=b] #

d) wSd3-->g6 

1...Qe6-c6[g6=b] +   2.Kf3-g4 Qc6-a8   3.Rg8-d8[a8=w] + Kd4-e3   4.Qa8-f3 + Sg6-e5[f3=b] #

e) wSd3-->h7 

1...Be7-h4   2.Rg8-g4[h4=w] + Kd4-e5   3.Bh4-f2 Ke5-f5   4.Rg4-g5 + Qe6-e3[f2=b][g5=b] #

f) wSd3-->f1 

1...Be7-d6   2.Rg8-f8 Qe6-d5[d6=w] +   3.Kf3-e2 Kd4-e4   4.Rf8-f4[f1=b] + Qd5-d2[f4=b][d6=b] #

g) bBe7-->e5

Award in TT-216 “The Magic Wonder Masand Chess” C:) hs#2-6(=, ==), 27.12.2018 SUPERPROBLEM Judge: Petko Petkov Extraordinary and stylish miniature-aristocrat. This nice position has only 6 pieces too and represents wide Masand-opportunities. And despite on there is no a full thematic analogy between solutions, the concept of 7 different solutions (task!) with many different thematic effects make a good impression. There is a shortcoming: in b) and c) mating move is the same – Qg3#, but in these phases the Queen causes different Masand-effects. (Judge)
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