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Category: Helpmates
Type: h#2
Stipulation(s): H#2 see text
Magazine: The Problemistic Bulletin 88, 10-12/2018, Pr.31
Year of Publishing: 2018


1.Bb5-a4 Rc6-c3   2.Rd5-b5 a2-a3 #

b) in the checkmate position a) white reverts his moves and move bBa5->a3

1.Rb5-a5 Kd2-d3   2.Sd4-b5 Rc6-c4 #

c) in the checkmate position b) white reverts his moves and move bSb5->b6

1.Ba4-b3 Rc6*b6 +   2.Kb4-a4 a2*b3 #

d) in the checkmate position c) white reverts his moves, from captured 
black pieces retain only bSb6 and move bBa3->b5

1.Ka4-b4 Rc6-c3   2.Sb6-a4 a2-a3 #

a) 8/8/2R5/bb1r4/1k1n4/8/P2K4/8
b) 8/8/2R5/1r6/bk1n4/b7/P2K4/8
c) 8/8/1nR5/r7/bk6/b7/P2K4/8
d) 8/8/1nR5/rb6/k7/8/P2K4/8

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