Chess problem details
 Chess problem diagram
Category: Fairy
Type: h#2
Stipulation(s): H#2     2 sol
b) wRd1-->h5 
Neutral Rock g1, Neutral Pawn e2
Magazine: The Problemistic Bulletin 89, 1-6/2019
Year of Publishing: 2019

a) diagram

  1.d3*e2 nRg1*g5   2.nRg5-d5 Rd1*d4 #
  1.g5*f4    Rd1-d2   2.nRg1-g5 nPe2*d3 #

b) wRd1-->h5 

  1.nPe2-e1=nR f4*g5   2.nRg1*g5 Rh5-h4 #
  1.g5*f4 nRg1-g3          2.nRg3-f3 + nPe2*f3 #

3rd TT Buletin Problemisatic 2019 Sections B (H#2) & c (H#2 miniatures) were deleted
neutral pieces, selfblock, sacrifice, diagonal-orthogonal echo, reciprocal captures, Chumakov, promotion



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