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Category: Fairy
Type: h#3
Stipulation(s): H#3 3 sol
Magazine: Best Problems 92, 10/2019, JT-80 V.Ralo, pg.254, Pr.57
Year of Publishing: 2019
Award description:
1st HM Jubilee Tourney Vito Rallo 80° - miniatures
Circe Parrain

1.nCYe7*d6-c6   nCYc6-a7[+nPb7]  
2.rCYe8-c7         nPb7-b8=nQ +  
3.nCYa7*b8-c8   nCYc8-d6[+nQc6] #

1.nCYe7*d6-d5   nCYd5-c7[+nPc8=nQ] +  
2.nQc8-f5           nCYc7-e6  
3.nCYe6*f5-g5    nCYg5-f7[+nQe7] #

1.rCYe8-g7             nCYe7*d6-c6  
2.nCYc6-e7[+nPf7] nPf7-f8=nQ +  
3.nCYe7*f8-g8        nCYg8-h6[+nQg6] #

Award: Best Problems 92, 10/2019, pg.264, Judge: Vlaicu Crisan
The theme could be realized with no White pieces at all!
The neutral pawn promotes into a neutral Queen on three different squares.
An exquisite presentation of Charybde’s unusual properties in a very economical setting!
This problem outshadows No 58, which has four solutions but with two repeated moves.
Ideal mates, echo, double check, sacrifice, duel black-white



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