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Category: Fairy
Type: h#3
Stipulation(s): H#3
Magazine: Best Problems 92, 10/2019, JT-80 V.Ralo, pg.254, Pr.60
Year of Publishing: 2019
Award description:
3rd Prize Jubilee Tourney Vito Rallo 80° - miniatures
Circe Parrain

a) diagram

1.Bd7-a4                   Ke4*d4  
2.nEAf3-c4[+nMa5]  nEAh3*c4  
3.nMa5*c4[+nEAe3] nEAe3*c4[+nEAa5] #

b) bKb4-->g2 

1.Bd7*h3                   Ke4-e3[+nEAh2]  
2.nMd4*f3                 nEAh2-g3[+nEAe4]  
3.Kg2*g3                   nEAe4*f3[+nEAh2] #

Award: Best Problems 92, 10/2019, pg.264, Judge: Vlaicu Crisan
Another festival of captures leading to specific Parrain mates! The final capture of the neutral Moose is essential, as 4.Kb5(nMc5)?? (a) and 4.Kg4(nMf4)?? both lead to illegal selfchecks. The cycle of captures from the first twin is sparkling: nEAh3 captures nEAf3, nMd4 captures nEAh3 and nEAf3 captures nMd4! In spite of displaying also 4 captures, the second twin has also a significant drawback: bGc3 is entirely useless.

Cycle of the captures, reciprocal captures, selfblock, battery, sacrifice, promotion



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