Chess problem details
 Chess problem diagram
Category: Fairy
Type: h#n
Stipulation(s): H#4
b) bSd6-->d3 
c) bSf5-->f4 
d) wPc5-->c4 
Magazine: Probleemblad 78, Nr.1, 1-3/2020, Pr.F1288
Year of Publishing: 2020
Einstein + Circe Parrain

a) diagram

1.Sf5-e7=P c5*d6=S  
2.Rd5-c5=B[+bSc6] Kf3-f2  
3.Kd4-d5 + Kf2-e2  
4.e7*d6=S Ke2-d3[+wSc7] #

b) bSd6-->d3 

1.Sd3*c5=B Kf3-e2[+wPb4]  
2.Sf5-d6=P b4*c5=S  
3.e5-e4[+bBc4] + Ke2-d1  
4.d6*c5=S Kd1-d2[+wSc6] #

c) bSf5-->f4 

1.e5-e4 + Kf3-g4  
2.Kd4-e5 c5*d6=S  
3.Sf4-e6=P[+bSc8] Kg4-h5  
4.Sc8*d6=B Kh5-g5[+wSc6] #

d) wPc5-->c4 

1.Sd6-e8=P Kf3-g4  
2.Kd4-e4 c4*d5=S  
3.e8-e7[+bRd4] Sd5*e7=B  
4.Sf5-e3=P[+bPd5] Be7-c5=S #

Ideal mates, Chumakov, Battery, Chameleon echo, exchange of place, reciprocal captures



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