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Category: Fairy
Type: sh#n
Stipulation(s): 16w & SH#19
Magazine: Bulletin 18, 6/2020, Pr. T492
Year of Publishing: 2020
Alphabetic + PWC + Einstein

1.a4 2.a3 3.a5 4.a4 5.a6 6.a5
7.a7 8.a6 9.a8 10.a7 11.b4 12.b5
13.b6 14.b7 15.b×a8(nSa8;nPb7)
1.a×b6(nSb6;nPa7) 2.a×b6(nSb6;nSa7)
3.nSc6(nP) 4.nSd5(nP) 5.b×c6(nSc6;nPb7)
6.b×c6(nSc6;nSb7) 7.nSbd8(nP)
8.nS×d8(nBd8;nPc6) 9.c×d5(nSd5;nP6)
10.c×d5(nSd5;nSc6) 11.nS×d8(nBd8;nBc6)
12.nB×d5(nRd5;nSc6) 13.nS×d8(nBd8;nBc6)
14.nBe8(nS) 15.nR×d8(nQd8;nBd5) 16.nBb7(nS)
17.nS×d8(nBd8;nQb7) 18.nQg7(nR)
19.nBg5(nS) nS×g7(nBf7;nRe8)

Regrouping of neutral pawns from the second and third rows to the seventh and sixth rows. Then "black" can play.(Author)
Neutral Pawns, Circuit, Switchback, Cycle captures, reciprocal captures, double check



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