Chess problem details
 Chess problem diagram
Category: Fairy
Type: h#n
Stipulation(s): H#4
b) wKg8-->f1
c) wSc4-->b2
Magazine: Curierul Problemistic Nr.5, 7-12/2020, Pr.XXX
Year of Publishing: 2020
Castling Chess

a) diagram

  1.Rf7-b7  Kg8-f8
  2.Ke4-c6/bRb7-d5 Kf8-f6/wPf4-f7
  3.Bb3-a4 f7-f8=Q
  4.Ba4-b5 Qf8-c8 #

b) wKg8-->f1 

  1.Ke4-f5  Kf1-d3/wSc4-e2
  2.Rf7-f6  Kd3-e3
  3.Bb3-f7 Ke3-f3
  4.Bf7-g6 Se2-d4 #

c) wSc4-->b2 

  1.Rf7-f8 + Kg8*f8
  2.Bb3-a4  Kf8-f6/wPf4-f7
  3.Ba4-e8  f7*e8=Q + 
  4.Ke4-d4  Qe8-e5 #

The 10th Informal Thematic Tourney of „The Problemistic Courier” 2020.
Selfblock, sacrifice, Chumakov, promotion



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