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Welcome to my new domain, JAROSLAV-STUN.EU .This web page has been designed as my personal web portal, so what you are going to find here are mostly my personal contact informations, some of my works in portfolio.

My focus lies in graphics and design, so I'm proud to present some of my better CD/DVD covers I created for my collection and a few internet applications I developed over the years (school projects). I'm also hosting my father's Chess problems web database on this domain.

Also you might find interesting some of my video creations (hosted primarily on YouTube, but some are available here in better resolutions) or .NET 3.0 (WPF) applications. I'd like to focus more on WPF (and MS Silverlight) in the future.

Furthermore, please take these pages as just another attempt to design some nice website. If you like it, (or not) I'd be happy if you coud drop me a line (see guestbook or contact details)

Generally, if you want to find out anythnig (publishable) about me or my work, this is a great place to start.

Ing. Jaro Stun


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