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  Portfolio of images - Star Trek DVD cover art Image gallery, Star Trek DVD cover art

This section contains custom Star Trek: Enterprise DVD art I created for my collection and also some other Star Trek graphic works (wallpaper for TrekUnited and some collages). All images are free to download, however not for redistribution. Feedback is very welcome.

DVD cover art: 477x463x24b JPEG - Front and 567x463x24b JPEG - Back side.
All images are in 96dpi resolution. Created with Corel Photo Paint and Paint.NET

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  Applications programming and developement portfolio Application developement, programming, scripting

C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Access database and Flash MX

Here you can find various little applications, I created mostly in my free time. I recommend Voniak digital imperium database system, especially if you've got a large collection of multimedia content.
All applications are free to download, but not for redistribution. Also, all of the software is provided as it is, with no warranties of any kind. I just hope, you'll find it useful, a bit.

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  Portfolio of web developement and multimedia Web developement, .NET 3.0 and multimedia

Web page templates (of this one, more will be updated...) and links to other websites created by me
Video montages or music videos I created (mostly in VirtualDub), available for free download

All web templates are free for download, however before you publish a website based on them, please let me know (so I can add a positive reference ;-)).

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