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My other teddy critters      
KeyMonkey - opica na kluce    
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Voniatko & Mr. TA

  • Voniak- noun : Pretty stupid & stinky small black teddy dog (see img), whose name was derived from Slovak word: "voňať", in en. = "to smell", because the dog has been "bathed" in very strong parfum.
  • voniak- adjective : Any crazy critter (like the one sitting on Voniak) is called by me a voniak...b'coz it is crazy

           serious warning

  • My other crazy critters :: "Teddy club"
BabaMilka KeyMonkey Voniatko Donel-battlebird Mr.TA Bobor

  • If you really wanna see voniaks in action, download and watch the Coca Cola ad: Happiness factory...LOL